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Concept Mapping in Teaching Writing Descriptive Text

Concept have been long long ago known by teachers. It is useful for teaching the students to write like a descriptive text. Continue reading


Concept Mapping as a Strategy in Teaching Reading Descriptive Text

Concept mapping has many advantages for English reading class: (1) students expend their understandings of key vocabulary and concepts beyond simple definitions; (2) students construct a visual representation of a concept’s definition that helps them in remembering; and (3) students are encouraged to integrate their background knowledge into definition. Continue reading

Process Writing Approach in Teaching Writing Descriptive Texts: Prewriting

Process writing approach is one of the approaches can be used in teaching the students to write a text, like a descriptive text. It covers prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. This writing tells about prewriting process in teaching writing descriptive text. Continue reading

Assessing Writing Descriptive Text

Assessing writing descriptive is a very important part in teaching English for Junior High School students. To score it, a teacher can use a rubric. Continue reading

Narrative Text in Teaching English

Narrative text is one of the genres taught for the eight and ninth grade students at Junior High School. A narrative text usually has orientation, complication, sequence of events, resolution, and coda. Continue reading

Descriptive Text in Teaching English

descriptive text tells about the specific explanation about place, people, or something. Descriptive text is used in Teaching English for the seventh grade students Continue reading

Report Text in Teaching English

According to Susilohadi (2008) report text is a text that classifies or describes something in general. Reports begin with a general statement which introduces the topic. In the description, facts (parts, qualities, habits and behaviors of the subject) may be described. Wardiman, et al (2008) adds that the first point we should be aware of … Continue reading

Recount Text in Teaching English

Recount text is a genre retelling past events for the purpose of informing and entertaining comprising three parts, that is orientation, events, and reorientation. Continue reading