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The Example of Worksheet for Teaching Listening to Descriptive Text

The following is the example of teaching listening to a descriptive text for Junior High School students.

Task 1
Listen to your teacher and write down the name of the part of the body in the provided space.

Descriptive Text

Task 2

Listen carefully and fill in the blank spaces.  Write down the name of the man bellow the picture.

Help me to pick up my uncle at the train station. This is his description.

Descriptive Text

Fill the blanks based on the picture

My …….(1) will arrive at Kota Baru train station at 9 a.m. His ……..(2) is Ibad. He is………(3) height  about 165 cm. He has ………..(4) black hair. He has …….. (5) pointed beard. He is very ……… (6)sighted. He always ………(7) thick glasses. He will come with my other uncle. His name is Idrus. Uncle Idrus is…… (8)with curly beard. He doesn’t wear glasses. I hope you can …… (9) them. If you are confused you can…… (10) his mobile number 081 3003456.

Answer Key
Task 1

1. Hair
2. Forehead
3. Eyes
4. Ears
5. Mouth
6. Lips
7. Beard
8. Nose
9. Cheek

Task 2


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