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Report Text in Teaching English

The Alumnae of Islamic Junior High School Fathur Rahman

According to Susilohadi (2008) report text is a text that classifies or describes something in general. Reports begin with a general statement which introduces the topic. In the description, facts (parts, qualities, habits and behaviors of the subject) may be described. Wardiman, et al (2008) adds that the first point we should be aware of is the general definition and the classification of each subject that we intend to write in the form of reported text. Furthermore, he explicitly explains that a report text is different from a descriptive text. Descriptive text has function to give an explanation about a specific subject.In addition, report text is an expository writing categorized as nonfiction writing that describes information (Sundem, 2006; George & Palilonis ,2006; and Latham, 2002). DiPrince (2005) points out that a report text is different from a persuasive paper, in which a persuasive paper must present an opinion while a report text is not. Haven (2004) proposes that most students face informative writing in the form of school reports. That’s what report are – writing to inform. He furthermore asserts that there is a difference between writing to inform and the other expository forms – writing to persuade and personal narratives.
According to Grenville (2001) a report text may ask for straight information, arranged in some logical orders and to discuss different points of view about a subject: to present one side, then the other and finally come down on one side. Besides, it may ask to compare or contrast several different things. Duigu (2001) adds that writing a report text does not ask to discuss the information, but generally to write to describe the information. In short, a report text is a piece of writing describing and classifying information about something in general.

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